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    Certified instructors who self-enroll through SEC Educational have access up-to-date revisions to the basic Instructor Manual. Dated revisions will be posted periodically, correcting errors in the chapter exercises or their conventional solution as they come to the attention of the author.

    JANUARY 2018

    An enhanced electronic Instructor Manual—scheduled for release in January 2018—will provide two components for each exercise: a conventional solution (currently available in PDF format) and an Excel XLSX workbook solution.

    This course is designed for students who have purchased Soil & Environmental Chemistry (second edition, Academic Press). Each example appearing in Soil & Environmental Chemistry is assigned a unique permalink that points to a file posted on this site. Student subscribers of this course will have access to the material attached to each example permalink in the textbook. The permalinks appearing in the electronic version of Soil & Environmental Chemistry (second edition) are actively linked to files posted on this site.